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  • We promise to not only offer off the shelf items, but also to be able to provide diverse custom items upon request.

  • We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery, and cost with every item we produce.

  • We treat our customers as family and come from a place of integrity and respect.

  • We earn the right to have customers speak highly of us.

Specializing in high quality, custom paddles and candles using exotic woods and 100% paraffin wax. Whipping Wood promises to create a unique and personal item to suit your needs, style and personality.


After spending years in the lifestyle and being repeatedly disappointed by the quality available, I set out to put my years of woodworking and candle making experience to good use and make a high quality product available.

Sourcing a large variety of exotic woods, including bubinga, cumaru and zebrawood, just to name a few. I hand craft each paddle to fit your unique style and personality.


I maintain a constant wax product. Every batch is weighed and measured to a time tested recipe. This attention to detail and use of the same source for multiple years results in a constant product that you can count on being the same candle after candle. 

“I Love Love Love the low temp wax! Feels great on all the body parts.


Amazing wax demo! We couldn't wait to try our own candles- had to try them out the same night we got them! Thanks to you, your bottom and the event organizers :-D


The wax feels amazing on my back and comes off quite nicely with a knife :)


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